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South Carolina teaching certification: People in South Carolina must go through a process required by the state’s department of education in order to work as public school instructors.

Aspiring teachers are required to complete a student teaching practicum in order to get classroom experience in addition to earning a degree in teacher preparation that has been authorized. Additionally, they must succeed in a series of tests that cover state standards.

Teachers in South Carolina may anticipate earnings in the $50,000 level, and this is true for both first-time college students and graduates who are thinking about returning to school to get a teaching degree. To find out how to become a teacher in South Carolina, keep reading.

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South Carolina’s Teachers’ Employment Outlook

In South Carolina, employment opportunities for elementary, middle, and high school teachers are expected to increase by 3-4% between 2018 and 2028, slower than the 7-8% projected national growth for these occupations. Even though there might be fewer brand-new teaching job vacancies during this time period, those wishing to start careers in education should anticipate seeing plenty of openings each year as current teachers shift to different jobs or leave the industry.

As of 2020, the median yearly salary for these educators was between $52,000 and $56,000. Although South Carolina’s cost of living is higher than the national average, this wage range is lower.

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Those who pursue a master’s degree in education in graduate school may be able to earn more money and more advanced qualifications.

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How to Become a Teacher in South Carolina

In order to become certified to teach in South Carolina, candidates must follow certain requirements set forth by the state’s Department of Education. First-time applicants receive an initial certification that permits them to begin working in the grade level and subject matter that have been authorized.

Residents of South Carolina who are applying for certification for the first time must adhere to the following guidelines. There are numerous procedures that out-of-state educators must take in order to transfer their license from one state to the other.

Get the Minimum Required Education

Anyone wishing to apply for teacher certification in South Carolina must complete a bachelor’s degree-level educator preparation program that has been approved by the state’s Department of Education.

Licensed programs must:

  • Have regional accreditation
  • By the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation be programmatically accredited
  • Add a component for student teaching or an internship
  • Get State Board of Education approval

A list of accredited in-state programs for educator preparation is available from the State Board of Education (SBE) of South Carolina. This makes it easier for students to choose a curriculum that meets certification requirements. The SBE does not currently have any specified GPA or coursework requirements. Nonetheless, as part of the certification procedure, applicants must produce official transcripts.

Obtain Experience Teaching Students

Anyone wishing to teach in South Carolina must complete student teaching as part of the application process. This is normally accomplished through an educator preparation degree, which calls for a semester of full-time employment as a teacher at an authorized local primary or secondary school.

Student instructors can begin honing their abilities in classroom management, lesson planning, assessments and grading, and offering one-to-one support to learners as necessary while working under the guidance of a qualified teacher.

These opportunities help students get ready to run their own classrooms once they graduate. These aspiring teachers also pick up networking skills and how to create a network of other educators.

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Passing the Necessary Certification Exams

Graduates of educator preparation programs must pass a series of tests before being granted initial certification.

  • Pedagogy Assessment: The Pedagogy Assessment verifies that candidates have the teaching abilities necessary to direct classes and administer tests. Students can select between the edTPA performance evaluation, the PPAT performance assessment, or the Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching exam.
  • Subject-Matter Exams: The majority of certificates need that candidates pass a Praxis subject-matter test administered by the Educational Testing Service. This test makes that aspiring teachers are knowledgeable about the subject matter.

Request Certification

The SBE has defined the many procedures that applicants must complete in the application process. These at the moment include:

  • Submit an application for certification.
  • Submit the required documents for the criminal history check and fingerprinting process.
  • Pay a $105 processing fee that is not refundable.
  • Submit the recommendation form for the college together with the official transcripts.
  • Pedagogy and subject knowledge assessment results must be submitted.

When the applicant booked their exams, if they had to retake any tests, and the SBE’s current processing schedule all affect how long it takes to finish these steps. To find out the status of their application for certification, users can visit the Educator Portal.

South Carolina Teaching Certification: How to Become a Teacher in South Carolina - World Scholarship Vault (2)

How Can I Maintain my South Carolina Teaching Certification?

A valid teaching license granted by the South Carolina Department of Education is necessary to practice teaching in the state. Every five years, these licenses must be renewed in order to maintain their validity.

Within the five-year licensure period, South Carolina teachers must complete at least 120 renewal credits. Teachers must complete the Read to Succeed endorsement program and a suicide prevention course in addition to generalist credits.

Teachers in training can complete their remaining credits by taking courses at a nearby college or university or by participating in customary professional continuing education activity. For instance, one credit of postsecondary coursework equates to 20 renewal credits.

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Teaching Jobs in High Demand in South Carolina

Elementary Schools Teacher

Teachers at elementary schools instruct students in grades 1–5. Teachers in elementary schools not only teach students the fundamentals of math, science, and language arts, but also get them ready for the demands of middle school. They collaborate with other instructors and school personnel on student needs while creating lesson plans and classroom management techniques.


$52,960 is the average annual salary.

Middle Schools Teachers

Teachers at middle schools work with pupils in grades 6 through 8. These grades focus on elementary school foundations and get students ready for high school’s more difficult subjects. To gauge students’ understanding and development, middle school teachers offer and evaluate examinations and homework. Also, they aid pupils in getting ready for state-mandated standardized exams.

$54,020 is the average annual salary.

High School Teachers

High school instructors instruct pupils in grades 9 through 12, and they have a particular area of expertise, such as science, math, history, or English. Moreover, they might instruct Advanced classes. Together with instructing students in these topics, high school teachers also help them get ready for college or the workforce.

$53,950 in average annual salary

Special Education Teachers

Working with pupils who have emotional, learning, mental, and/or physical challenges is the responsibility of special education teachers. To ensure that each student receives the customized support and instruction required for success, they create individualized education programs (IEPs) for each student. Together with other instructors, school officials, and parents or guardians, they also talk about student progress.

$55,240 is the median annual salary.

Vocational and Technical Education Teachers

These educators foster employable and practical abilities that are directly related to careers. These educators put a strong emphasis on technical occupational skills while instructing students on how to become auto mechanics or nail technicians. Like other instructors, they design classes, assign homework, and evaluate student development.

$56,570 is the median annual salary.

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South Carolina Teaching Certification: How to Become a Teacher in South Carolina - World Scholarship Vault (3)

Frequently Asked Questions

What requirements must one meet to become a teacher in South Carolina?

Candidates must have at least a bachelor's degree from an authorized college or university, pass the necessary Praxis exams, and pass a background check in order to be eligible for teaching certification in South Carolina.

In South Carolina, how long does it take to become a teacher?

In South Carolina, the standard route to becoming a certified teacher requires a little bit more time than four years. Students complete a bachelor's degree in educator preparation that has been approved by the state. Also, they pursue a semester-long internship in student teaching.

How much does a teacher in South Carolina make when they first start out?

With a master's degree, you'll start out with a greater pay than you would with a bachelor's. The South Carolina General Assembly increased the beginning compensation for teachers to $40,000 in 2022. That is a $4000 gain from the previous year.

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What kind of instructor is in demand the most?

Which academic subject is in demand the most? Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are fields that are constantly in demand, however exact needs differ each institution.


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What are the steps required to earn a teaching credential in South Carolina? ›

To earn your South Carolina teaching credential you will have to complete the required amount of undergraduate coursework and pass standardized tests, as well participate in an accredited certification program. South Carolina issues an initial certificate (valid for 3 years, can be renewed) to beginning teachers.

What do you need to be a certified teacher in South Carolina? ›

To meet the basic eligibility requirements for teaching certification in South Carolina, candidates must have at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, pass the required Praxis assessments, and complete a background check.

Can I teach in South Carolina without a teaching certificate? ›

The minimum requirement to pursue alternative teacher certification in South Carolina is a bachelor's degree. Candidates must also take and pass the Praxis exams appropriate to the subject(s) and grade level(s) they wish to teach. Finally, prospective teachers must pass a state and federal background check.

How to get a teaching certificate if you already have a bachelor's degree? ›

How many years do you have to study to be a teacher? The minimum number of years to become a qualified school teacher is four years. If you already have a bachelor's degree, you can complete a one-year PGCE to become a teacher, but the minimum time of total study is still four years.

How long does a SC teaching certificate last? ›

After a Professional certificate has been expired for ten school years or more, an extension can no longer be issued and the certificate is no longer eligible for renewal. The educator must reapply for certification and meet all requirements for their selected certification application pathway.

Are teachers in demand in South Carolina? ›

Education Career Outlook in South Carolina

In short, South Carolina needs more educators, from teaching assistants to classroom teachers.

How do I become a teacher without a teaching degree in NC? ›

Answer: To be a high school teacher in North Carolina, you need to get a certificate from the state. To qualify, you need to have a bachelor's degree and complete an approved teacher preparation program. You must also participate in at least ten weeks of student teaching in a secondary setting.

What state is best for teachers? ›

New York

Can you be a teacher without teacher training? ›

No. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a PGCE to teach. All you need is QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) or the equivalent, QTLS (Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills). The PGCE is an additional qualification earned alongside QTS.

Can you become a teacher without teacher training? ›

You can work as an unqualified teacher in a secondary school/further education while training part-time or you can complete a University or College course such as the Professional Certificate in Education (PCE) or the Certificate of Education (CertEd), which both meet the requirements of Level 5 DET.

Can I teach without a teaching qualification? ›

There are generally three things that you must have to become a teacher: a degree, Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and completion of an Initial Teacher Training (ITT) programme.

Which certificate is best for teacher? ›

20 Best Certifications For Teachers
1Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)BLI
2Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE)Microsoft
3Child Development Associate (CDA)CECPR
4First Aid, CPR and AED InstructorNSC
16 more rows
Sep 9, 2021

What is the easiest teaching position? ›

10 Easiest Subjects to Teach
  • Physical Education. ...
  • Art. ...
  • Music. ...
  • Science. ...
  • Health. ...
  • Spelling. ...
  • History. There are several reasons why history is the easiest subject to teach to students. ...
  • Cooking. Cooking is an easy subject to teach to students for a number of reasons.

Can you get a teaching degree online? ›

Flexible Teaching Courses Online

Taking online teaching courses enables you to make intelligent decisions about your future and get qualified at any time. We have 25 years as an accredited education provider and only offer courses that provide relevant industry qualifications.

What is the maximum age to become a teacher? ›

KPSC Age Limit and Age Relaxation

To apply for the teacher recruitment exam, a candidate must be between 21-42 years.

Can I be a teacher without a degree in education? ›

The Professional Teaching Certification (PTC) program is a non-degree program designed for individuals who have completed a Bachelor's degree in any field and who intend to teach at the secondary education level.

How much does a teacher earn a month? ›

Average R 16 691 per month.

What are passing scores for SC Praxis? ›

Scoring Requirements in South Carolina

The qualifying scores for the various tests are as follows: Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educator tests: Reading (156), Writing (158), and Mathematics (150)

What qualifications do you need to be a teacher? ›

You'll usually need:
  • 4 or 5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C), or equivalent, including English and maths.
  • 2 to 3 A levels, or equivalent, for a degree.
  • a degree in any subject for a postgraduate course.

What type of teacher is most in demand? ›

Which teaching subject is most in demand? While specific needs vary by institution, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are subjects that are always in high demand.

Why are teachers leaving South Carolina? ›

Pay levels, coupled with the added stresses of the post-pandemic classroom, are behind a mass exodus away from teaching in the state. To make matters worse, there are not enough college graduates to fill the open spots.

What kind of teacher is in high demand? ›

According California's reported statewide academic disciplines or subject matter areas most in need are: English/Drama/Humanities, History/Social Science, Math/Computer Education, Science, and Special Education.

Can I teach without a license? ›

A valid certificate of registration and a valid professional license from the Commission are required before any person is allowed to practice as a professional teacher in the Philippines, except as otherwise allowed under this Act. Sec.

How do I become a teacher with a bachelor's degree in NC and not in education? ›

How to earn your North Carolina teaching license
  1. Earn a bachelor's degree. ...
  2. Decide what you want to teach, and choose the teaching license you want to earn. ...
  3. Apply to teaching programs and enroll. ...
  4. Meet North Carolina teacher testing requirements. ...
  5. Submit your teaching license application to the state.

Where do teachers make the most money? ›

Highest-Paid Teachers By State
RankStateAverage Teacher Salary
3New York$57,919
46 more rows
Dec 4, 2022

What state is the lowest paid teachers? ›

The state with the lowest average teacher salary in the US is Mississippi, at around $48,000 a year.

What state has the highest teacher shortage? ›

For the 2022-2023 school year, Michigan had the most teacher shortages in math, science, world languages, health and physical fitness, art and music, language arts, English as a second language, special education, social studies and career and technical education, according to U.S. Department of Education data.

Why do so many teachers quit? ›

The survey points to multiple reasons for unhappiness, and those teachers who are considering leaving the profession cited burnout from stress (57%) and political attacks on teachers (40%), followed by a heavy workload compounded by staff shortages.

How long is teacher training? ›

This Programme is run over a period of 36 weeks. You will undertake two Masters level (level 7) modules as part of the PGCE, with a total of 60 Masters credits on completion. The programme consists of three core modules, two at level 7 and one at Undergraduate level (level 6) and three school placements.

Can you work as an unqualified teacher? ›

Unqualified teachers are permitted to work in some but not all schools. Independent schools and academies can hire teachers based on their specialist skills, regardless of whether they are qualified or not.

Can a teaching assistant become a teacher? ›

If you have been working in a classroom for a significant amount of time, as a teaching assistant or in a similar role, you may be able to get qualified teacher status (QTS) through a 12-week 'assessment only' programme. You must also have a degree. You'll need to show that you already meet the standards for QTS.

How do I get a teaching certificate? ›

Traditional Teaching Certification
  1. Choose a bachelor's degree and teacher preparation program. The traditional route to certification in any state begins with earning an undergraduate degree. ...
  2. Complete a student teaching experience. ...
  3. Take your state's required exam(s) for educators. ...
  4. Apply for teacher certification.

How do I become a teacher after graduation? ›

Eligibility to become a Teacher

In addition to their undergraduate and graduate degrees in their subject of choice, teachers in the country must also complete a B. Ed. Students wanting to specialise and teach at higher levels can also obtain an M. Ed.

What is initial teacher training? ›

Initial Teacher Training is a university-led approach, and focuses on study and practical time in school. You could also apply to a School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) programme, which is a postgraduate route that's delivered by groups of neighbouring schools and colleges.

Can you teach with a third class degree? ›

Statutory requirements for entry into teaching. A good honours degree (normally 2:2 or above) in a relevant subject area. Applicants with a 3rd class degree will be considered on an individual basis.

What is equivalent to a degree? ›

An associate degree is roughly equivalent to 18 months to four years of work experience in a related field. A bachelor's degree is roughly equivalent to four to eight years of work experience in a related field. A master's degree is roughly equivalent to 10 or more years of work experience in a related field.

What is a Level 5 teaching assistant? ›

The online Teaching Assistant Advanced Level 5 Course will provide learners with a much deeper and thorough understanding into the working as a teaching assistant. This course will discuss the communication, special educational needs, assessment practices, and more.

Which certification is best now? ›

Data Science Certifications
  • Artificial Intelligence – Top Paying Companies.
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer Salary.
  • Top Product Management Certifications.
  • Product Management – Top Paying Companies.
  • Product Manager Salary.
  • Top Full Stack Certifications.
  • Full Stack – Top Paying Companies.
  • Full Stack Salary.
Jan 25, 2023

What is the benefit of having teacher certificate? ›

Teacher certification provides foundational training and standards for all public educators. It also provides additional credentials for public and private school teachers. Earning extra certifications may provide educators with opportunities for higher wages.

Are educational certificates worth it? ›

Just a few of the many benefits of earning a certificate include gaining a competitive advantage over peers in your field, obtaining new skills to leverage in your current role, increasing your earning potential and demonstrating to your bosses a passion for and commitment to your craft.

What jobs pay more than teaching? ›

Careers are listed based on their average salary, according to current Payscale data.
  • Administration – Principal, Vice-Principal, Superintendent. ...
  • Standardized Test Developer. ...
  • Educational Consultant. ...
  • Homeschool Consultant. ...
  • After School Program Director. ...
  • Curriculum Design. ...
  • Instructional Designer. ...
  • School/Child Psychologist.

Can I make a living as a teacher? ›

Yes, educators absolutely do and can live well on a teacher's salary. It's all about what you value. If after reading this post you feel that teaching is not the best career choice for you, that's fine. It's good to know what you want vs.

How can I work with kids but not be a teacher? ›

If you're still passionate about working with children, you might find a job working in the foster system most fulfilling. However, there are also plenty of other areas in social work that include working with both kids and adults, such as mental health counseling, elderly resources, and criminal justice.

How do you get a teaching certificate if you already have a bachelor's degree? ›

How many years do you have to study to be a teacher? The minimum number of years to become a qualified school teacher is four years. If you already have a bachelor's degree, you can complete a one-year PGCE to become a teacher, but the minimum time of total study is still four years.

Can you teach online without a certificate? ›

You can start teaching online without any experience. So there you have it, all the platforms that let you teach English online without experience. Just remember, a TEFL certificate is a requirement for most reputable online teaching jobs.

Where can I study teaching part time? ›

You can study teaching part-time through many institutions, such as universities, TVET colleges, or private institutions.
NATED Course In Educare
  • Bellview Institute of Distance Learning.
  • Matric College.
  • Skills Academy.

How long does it take to become a teacher in SC? ›

The traditional teacher certification path in South Carolina typically takes a bit longer than four years. Students complete a state-approved bachelor's degree focused on educator preparation. They also pursue a semester-long student-teaching internship.

How much do substitute teachers make in SC per day? ›

Average Kelly Substitute Teacher daily pay in South Carolina is approximately $103, which is 14% below the national average.

Does South Carolina accept out-of-state teaching license? ›

South Carolina does not grant full reciprocity. Out-of-state teachers do not have additional coursework requirements. South Carolina does not offer test-out or exemptions. All out-of-state applicants must pass their home state pedagogy and content exams or take the approved South Carolina equivalents.

How much do teachers make in SC an hour? ›

As of Mar 1, 2023, the average annual pay for a Teacher in South Carolina is $30,427 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $14.63 an hour. This is the equivalent of $585/week or $2,535/month.

How much does a teacher make a day in South Carolina? ›

$23.29 is the 75th percentile. Wages above this are outliers. $29.95 is the 90th percentile.

What is the average teacher's salary in SC? ›

How much does a Public School Teacher make in South Carolina? The average Public School Teacher salary in South Carolina is $52,583 as of February 27, 2023, but the range typically falls between $43,914 and $64,125.

How much do subs get paid in SC? ›

The salary range for a Certified Substitute Teacher job is from $2,794 to $3,824 per month in South Carolina. Click on the filter to check out Certified Substitute Teacher job salaries by hourly, weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly, and yearly.

Who pays most for substitute teachers? ›

Arizona is the best state for substitute teachers, where the median salary is $33,237. Arizona is the best state, and Anchorage is the city with the highest pay for substitute teachers.
1. Arizona.
Total Substitute Teacher Jobs:1,054
Highest 10 Percent Earn:$47,000
3 more rows
Apr 6, 2021

How much does a substitute get paid in South Carolina? ›

As of Jan 27, 2023, the average annual pay for a Substitute Teacher in South Carolina is $29,962 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $14.41 an hour.

What percentage of people fail the Praxis? ›

Fifty-four percent of those who take the Praxis test on elementary-level content fail on their first try. Twenty-five percent never manage to pass. (In nursing, by contrast, 85% of test-takers pass their licensing test on the first try.)

How hard is passing the Praxis? ›

In the 2019-2020 academic year, the median score was 159, with an average score range from 146 to 171. The passing Praxis scores by state for the Praxis 5440 is mostly at 150. This indicates that the majority of test-takers pass. As with any other exam, preparation and study are vital to achieving a passing score.

How many questions do you have to get right on the Praxis to pass? ›

There are no definitive passing scores on the Praxis; each state sets its own standard, and each test's raw score is weighted differently.

What states accept SC teaching license? ›

South Carolina Teacher Reciprocity Agreements
CaliforniaLouisianaNew Mexico
ColoradoMaineNew York
ConnecticutMarylandNorth Carolina
DelawareMassachusettsNorth Dakota
7 more rows

Can I teach in NC with a SC license? ›

Individuals with out-of-state credentials can apply for a North Carolina Professional license. Out-of-state teaching experience may also be credited to a North Carolina license.

Are South Carolina teachers considered state employees? ›

School district employees are not state government employees. If you are an employee of a school district and have questions about human resource policies, you should contact your supervisor or your school district human resources office.


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