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  1. Sketchstudio

Sketch studio provides quality work art including creative and realistic work . We offer different drawing and painting courses in Gurgaon area from kids to adult age group. Alsowe offer diploma for kids and adults in 3 d drawing, glass painting etc.

Services: Charcoal Potrait

Day brush portrait

Color pencil portrait

Color caricature

Address: Sat asara , rao road , Parel Mumbai, Maharashtra 400012 India

Contact No.: 070576 79445


  1. Deepikaartscolors

Deepika Arts Colors was found by Artist Deepika Rajjak who completed her Fine Arts from JJ School of Arts India and practising in fine arts since 9years. Deepika Arts Colors introduces amazing fine art artefacts as an entertainment and emotions through colours, figures and abstracts, which seek to bring about a particular emotions or mood for relaxing or entertaining the viewer with all our customised collections of Paintings, Sculptures,

Services: Portrait painting

Wall painting

Wall textures

Wall mural

Address: BSNL complex, Narmada Building, 8, Juhu Rd, Santacruz, Mumbai, W, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400054

Contact No.: 96190 36092


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  1. PP Sketchstudio

If you are looking for a unique painting created by a passionate artist, then you have come to the right place. Come and discover a wide range of original artworks at My Sketch. We specializes making portraits sketches. Pencil sketch is a good option for gift on any occasion. Our products are Pencil Sketch, Charcoal Sketch, Portrait Sketch. For realistics and beautiful sketches we used following products canson paper, fabriano accademeia paper, strathmore bristol paper, staedtler pencil, kneadable earser, pencil brand.

Services: Portrait painting

Portrait sketches


Address: Balkum , Thane(W)

Contact No.: +91 8828682587


  1. Whataportrait

We understand the struggles you face when you’re looking for an artist to commission. At What A Portrait, we believe that the beauty of our service comes from its simplicity. Our portrait artists for hire are vested professionals. They come from around the world and offer a vast amount of experience and knowledge. We’ve thoroughly ensured that each artist is the real deal! Our portrait painters are excited about working with each and every client who comes his or her way. We’ve hand-picked our team to create a collaboration of enthusiastic artists who are truly eager to meet and exceed your needs. If you’re looking to commission a painting, then you’ll love the What A Portrait service.

Services: Pencil sketches

Charcoal sketches


Pastel Portraits

Watercolor Paintings

Address: 165 Second Floor Raghuleela Mall, Kandivali West Mumbai 400067

Contact No.: +91-9920460302


  1. I aman artist

At What A Portrait, we believe that the beauty of our service comes from its simplicity. Our portrait artists for hire are vested professionals. They come from around the world and offer a vast amount of experience and knowledge. We’ve thoroughly ensured that each artist is the real deal! Our portrait painters are excited about working with each and every client who comes his or her way. We’ve hand-picked our team to create a collaboration of enthusiastic artists who are truly eager to meet and exceed your needs. If you’re looking to commission a painting, then you’ll love the What A Portrait service.

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Services: Pencil sketches

Watercolor Paintings

Portrait painting

Art classes and workshop

Address: Block No. 47/4 Shivaji Chowk Mulund Colony, Mulund West Mumbai, Maharashtra 400082

Contact No.: +91 9082673802


6.Aartist Chitra Vaidya

An avid painter, Chitra Vaidya likes to explore themes and subjects in a special way so as bring to life the essence and ethos of her subjects, which have been very diverse as can be seen from her portfolio. Hailing from the illustrious Wakankar family, Chitra aims to carry forward the rich legacy of her grandfathers, one of whom (Padma Shri Dr. Vishnu S. Wakankar) is best known for his widely acclaimed work relating to discovery and research on cave art at Bhimbetka; whereas the other one Lipikar Shri. L. S. Wakankar) was known for his pioneering work in Calligraphy. Chitra has been a popular art teacher as she enjoys working with children and kindle the creative instincts in them. She has been conducting art workshops for all age groups and has done live painting demonstrations at several educational institutions.

Services: Pencil sketches

Watercolor Paintings

Mountain painting

Floral painting

Portrait painting

Art classes and workshop

Address: A/3, Shrikunj Society, Above Janata Sahakari Bank, Hanuman Road, Vile Parle East, Mumbai – 400057

Contact No.: +91-9892006215


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  1. Suchitraarts

Welcome to our catalogue of original Contemporary art works from India’s established, as well as emerging artists. The art works are fully insured for shipment worldwide, and are backed by our Authenticity Guarantee and a signed certificate by the artist. To purchase any work of art please call us on the above listed numbers or email us and we will get back to you with details. To view a bigger image click on the image.

Services: Pencil sketches

Watercolor Paintings

Mountain painting

Landscape painting

Abstarct painting

Art classes and workshop

Address: 6A Girnar Apts., 55 Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai-400050, India.

Contact No.: +91-98207 99061


  1. Studio Atelier

Atelier is an Art and Design Studio where we believe creativity has no boundaries. We have over 40 Creative Art and Design Courses for All Age Groups from which we have 10 Goverment Certified Courses. We are officially authorised with the Education Board of Vocational Training and Research, Maharashtra to certify students for their Courses learnt with us after clearing the exam conducted by Atelier. ​ We have taught and mentored thousands of Indian and International students for Art, Architecture and Various streams of Design as their Career and Hobby.

Services: Pencil sketches

Art and design events

Drawing courses

Art classes and workshop

Address: Room No.2, Madhav Baug Compound, Jambli Gally, Borivali West.

Contact No.: 098925 79445


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  1. Sudhaarts

Being a self motivated artist, I like experimenting with different medium and have very good exposure in oil, acrylic on canvas water colors and silk painting. Created 4″ to 4′ size of more than 2000 ceramic pots. All started as a hobby and today, it’s an integral part of my life. Since 1984 I have shared my experience on canvas. Through my personal website, I would like to share some insights into my paintings, art works, achievements and social commitments etc. In my online gallery, you will find works in acrylic, oil on canvas water color on paper and silk painting. And all the available works are for sale too, if you interested to get the same please feel free to get touch with me.

Services: Pencil sketches

Oil painting

Arcyclic painting

Water color

Drawing courses

Art classes and workshop

Address: 101 Windsor, Plot 80 Sector 12, Vashi Navi Mumbai – 400703, Maharashtra India

Contact No.: +91-9867225691


  1. Krutiartacademy

We offer a range of Creative courses at Kruti art academy. We have courses for people from all age groups, be it children, teenagers, adults, and even senior citizens. Our classes focus on teaching painting and drawing techniques, including oil and acrylic paint, watercolour, charcoal, and graphite.

Services: Pencil sketches

Arcyclic painting

Water color

Drawing courses

Art classes and workshop

Address: Ground & First Floor, Swami Vivekananda Rd, Opp. Pantaloons Showroom, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092

Contact No.: +91 9769656858

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Who is the No 1 sketch artist? ›

Michelangelo Buonarroti. For many, Michelangelo is still the greatest artist of all time. His mastery over different disciplines—painting, sculpture, architecture—is unparalleled. At the core of his creative practice, however, was drawing.

Who is the best sketch artist in India? ›

In India, Krunal Sonkusare is widely recognized as one of the best sketch artists in India.

How can I sell my pencil sketch online in India? ›

So, let's look into some of the best websites to sell your artwork.
  1. Amazon.
  2. eBay.
  3. Saatchi Art.
  4. Fizdi.
  5. Society6.
  6. Mojarto.
Oct 10, 2020

Who is the best artist in India 2023? ›

Here are the artists we think will own 2023:
  • 1) Anumita Nadesan. This artist from Kerala took the internet by storm when she posted her cover of 'Jashn-E-Baharaa. ...
  • 3) Dikshant. ...
  • 4) Sijya. ...
  • 6) Paradox. ...
  • 7) Trick Singh. ...
  • 8) Ranjani Ramadoss. ...
  • 9) Chaar Diwaari. ...
  • 10) Frizzell D'souza.
Dec 29, 2022

Do sketch artists get paid? ›

How much does a Sketch Artist make? As of May 29, 2023, the average annual pay for a Sketch Artist in the United States is $61,587 a year.

Who is Indian No 1 artist? ›

Raja Ravi Varma is considered one of the greatest painters in the history of Indian art; and he is the most famous Indian artist.

Who is the most trending artist in India? ›

Indian Artists
  • Darshan Raval. 31,105 listeners. ...
  • Benny Dayal. 46,796 listeners. ...
  • Ananda Shankar. 124,530 listeners. ...
  • Guru Randhawa. 38,044 listeners. ...
  • mudeth. 34,372 listeners.
  • Santhosh Narayanan. 13,635 listeners. ...
  • Sachet Tandon. 30,783 listeners.
  • Satyajit Ray. 59,693 listeners.

How much do artist charge for sketches? ›

Most artists charge a fixed price per square inch on the canvas and multiply that dollar amount by the size of the canvas. For example, an average price point is $1 per square inch. If you request a 16" x 20" art piece, that is an area of 320 inches. 320 x $1 per square inch is $320.

Where can I sell my sketches in India? ›

If you, too, are looking to sell paintings online, Flipkart Seller Hub is the place to be.

Can I sell my sketches online? ›

You can support your creative business by selling your art online either by setting up a store on eCommerce platforms like Shopify, or creating an account on channels like Etsy, Etsy, Instagram, Facebook Shops and similar.

How can I make money by sketching in India? ›

Here's how you can get started:
  1. Update your knowledge of the technicalities of digital art.
  2. Create social media accounts to promote your art.
  3. Set up your own independent online store.
  4. Commission customised artwork.
  5. Upload tutorials online and conduct art workshops.
Aug 12, 2020

Which is the best sketch pen in India? ›

Popular Brand Category
  • Camlin Sketch Pen.
  • Luxor Sketch Pen.
  • Faber-Castell Sketch Pen.
  • Linc Sketch Pen.

What is the price of sketch pencil in India? ›

Drawing Pencils - Buy Drawing Pencils Online Starting at Just ₹90 | Meesho.

Who are the top new artists 2023? ›

This year's 10 Best New Artist nominees—Anitta, Omar Apollo, DOMi & JD BECK, Muni Long, Samara Joy, Latto, Måneskin, Tobe Nwigwe, Molly Tuttle, and Wet Leg—reflect a diverse, genre-spanning group of artists whose singular voices and styles have captivated listeners all over the globe.

Who is the most streamed artists in India of all time? ›

Apart from Alka Yagnik, singers like Arijit Singh, Kumar Sanu and Udit Narayan also found a spot on the list of the world's top 10 most listened-to artists. Meanwhile, songs from the movie Pushpa accounted for the three most listened songs in the world, with a combined 3.1 billion streams, the report said.

What is a sketch artist called? ›

A forensic artist, also commonly referred to as a sketch artist, is a graphic artist that renders free-hand or computerized drawings, enhancements, and reconstructions.

What is the salary of sketch artist in India? ›

What is the salary of a Sketch Artist in India? Average salary for a Sketch Artist in India is 2.1 Lakhs per year (₹17.5k per month).

Is a sketch artist a real job? ›

Sketch artists can work as illustrators for publications, advertisements, comics, greeting card companies, newspapers, or stock illustration providers. You can also work in a court that does not allow cameras. Your responsibilities in this career are to draw the court proceedings.

Who is the best selling artist in India? ›

A.R. Rahman is India's best-selling artist ever in the 100+ years of Indian film history. His film albums have sold 200 Million+ cassettes (exc.

Which Indian artist is on Billboard? ›

Sidhu Moose Wala has the most number-one singles on the chart.

Who is Indian famous girl artist? ›

5 women artists of India that you must know!
  • Sahifa Banu.
  • Amrita Sher-gil.
  • Meera Mukherjee.
  • Nasreen Mohamedi.
  • Arpita Singh.
Mar 30, 2017

Who is the genius of art in India? ›

Manideep Kumar is awarded “Genius Artist of India Award”

He is an outstanding Art Achiever. It has been recorded in the Magic Book of Record.

Who is number 1 in Spotify in India? ›

In India, Arijit Singh continues to be the most streamed artist on Spotify in the country for the third consecutive year. Pritam comes second in the list, while maestro A. R. Rahman has taken the third spot this year.

Who is richest artist in India? ›

Who are the Richest Bollywood Singers of All Time?
  • A R Rahman. One of the most popular Bollywood singers of all time and the artist with the highest net worth is A R Rahman. ...
  • Sonu Nigam. Born in 1973, Sonu Nigam's career started when he was just 19 years old. ...
  • Lata Mangeshkar. ...
  • Asha Bhosle. ...
  • Shreya Ghoshal. ...
  • Arijit Singh.
Mar 3, 2023

Who is the self taught artist of India? ›

Born on September 17, 1915 in Pandharpur in Maharashtra, MF Husain was mainly a self-taught artist and made ends meet in his initial days by painting cinema hoardings in Mumbai.

Who is the most successful independent artist? ›

1 – Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is one of the most successful independent artists globally. Swift began her career by signing with a small independent label, Big Machine Records.

How do you price a sketch? ›

(Hourly Wage × Hours Spent) + Cost of Materials
  1. Determine what your “hourly rate” is as an artist. For our purposes, let's say $25.
  2. Figure out how many hours you spent on the piece. If it was five hours, that's 25 x 5, or $125.
  3. Now consider materials. If you spent $50, that's $125 + $50 for a total price of $175.
Apr 13, 2021

How much does a digital sketch cost? ›

Prices for digital art can range anywhere from $10 to around $250, or even more. The price depends on the quality of the product, the artist's pricing model, the average market price for similar pieces, and the reputation of the artist.

How do you price graphite drawings? ›

When you set prices by the square inch, you first determine the total area of your drawing by multiplying its length by its width. Then multiply the area by a dollar amount of your choice. If you decide to charge $5 per square inch, the price for an 8×10 drawing would be $400 (8 x 10 = 80; 80 x 5 = 400.)

How do I start a sketch business? ›

Most Popular Ways to Start an Artists Business
  1. 1). Pick a Niche.
  2. 2). Pay Attention to Marketing.
  3. 3). Sell Artwork at Art Shows.
  4. 4). Art Business Registration of Art Gallery Business.
  5. 5). Use Professional Materials.
  6. 6). Take Part in Art Competitions.
  7. 7). Sell Stock Images on Websites.
  8. 8). Prints.
Oct 11, 2021

How do I sell my digital sketch? ›

Places to Sell your Art
  1. Creative Market. Here you can sell vector graphics, templates, and digital assets such as illustrations, icons, fonts, textures, etc. ...
  2. Design Cuts. Here you can sell very high-quality patterns, brushes, backgrounds, and digital assets. ...
  3. Etsy. ...
  4. TurboSquid. ...
  5. CG Trader. ...
  6. Shapeways.

What digital art sells best? ›

Some of the top-selling digital items include:
  • Wallpapers.
  • Stock images.
  • Coloring pages.
  • Editable images.
  • Digital cards.
  • Fonts.
  • Site templates.
  • Fan art.
Aug 1, 2022

How do I copyright my sketches? ›

To register your work with the Copyright Office, you must submit an application, the appropriate filing fee, and a copy of the work to be registered. The general rule is that a separate application for registration should be submitted for each work together with the a separate filing fee and deposit copy.

What kind of art sells in India? ›

Traditional Folk Art
  • Pichwai Paintings.
  • Tanjore Paintings.
  • Madhubani Paintings.
  • Gond Tribal Art Paintings.
  • Kalighat Paintings.
  • Warli Paintings.

What drawing is famous in India? ›

Madhubani paintings

The Madhubani district of Bihar is home to the traditional painting style known as Madhubani Painting, often referred to as Mithila Painting. It is one of the most well-known and cherished forms of Indian art.

Where can artists sell their work in India? ›

At Gallerist, everyone gets an equal platform to share their artwork. Artist from any place of the world can register on Gallerist. It's just about the shipping & courier charges an artist has to bear for sending an artwork to Gallerist team at Mumbai, India, when he receives an order.

Which pen is expensive in India? ›

Pens Price list in India (August 2020)
Faber-Castell Ambition Fountain Pen (Blue)Rs.9,490
Sheaffer Taranis Fountain Pen (Black)Rs.9,350
Faber Castell Ondoro Roller Ball Pen (Black)Rs.9,300
Waterman Carene Black Sea GT Rollerball Pen - 9000013913Rs.9,000
3 more rows

What is the price of black sketch pen in India? ›

Buy Luxor 949 Black Sketch Pens 10 Pcs Set Online At Price ₹25.

Which Colour pencils are best for sketching India? ›

  • Faber-Castell.
  • DOMS.
  • Doms.
  • Cello.
  • Staedtler.
  • Camlin.

Which pencil is best for sketching? ›

The best pencils for drawing and sketching are a HB, 2B, 6B and 9B.

How much rupees for one pen pencil? ›

One pencil costs Rs 2 and one fountain pen costs Rs 15.

Who is best sketch artist on Instagram? ›

Top 25 art influencers on Instagram
  • Joan Cornellà – the top pick for art influencers on Instagram.
  • KAWS.
  • Banksy.
  • Takashi Murakami.
  • Christoph Neimann.
  • Elena Soboleva.
  • Shepard Fairey.
  • Thierry Guetta.

Who is the famous pencil sketch artist? ›

Paul Cadden

Today, he is one of the best pencil artists in the world with his drawings having its own abstraction of reality. His hyper-realistic pencil drawings are generally based on photographs, stills, videos etc. With the idea to go beyond the photograph, he creates subtler and complex virtual images.

What is the world record for sketching? ›

Ravi Soni, 42, of Udaipur, Rajasthan, used a gargantuan PVC canvass to complete his drawing, titled Tree of Life, in 24 hours, 33 minutes, spread out over five days.

Who is the famous artist in 2023? ›

1. Françoise Pétrovitch. High on our list of artists to watch this year is French artist Françoise Pétrovitch.

What is the most expensive pencil sketch in the world? ›

Raphael Drawing is the world's most expensive sketch at $48 million | Good Things From Italy - Le Cose Buone d'Italia.

Which pencil company is best for sketching? ›

The ARTnews Recommends Editors
  • ARTNEWS RECOMMENDS. Faber-Castell 9000 Pencils and Sets. ...
  • WE ALSO LIKE. Staedtler Mars Lumograph Drawing and Sketching Pencils and Sets. ...
  • EDUCATORS' CHOICE. Blick Studio Drawing Pencils and Sets. ...
  • ANOTHER OPTION. General's Kimberly Drawing Pencils and Sets. ...
Feb 13, 2023

What is the 70 30 rule in sketching? ›

The 70/30 rule helps you create effective compositions. The idea is that 30 per cent of your sketch is filled with the main focus and detail, and the remaining 70 per cent is filler. This less interesting area helps direct attention towards the main subject of your artwork.

How many sketches should I do a day? ›

There's a recommended schedule of drawing 5 hours per day: 2 in the morning, 1 at lunch and 2 in the evening. Not everyone will have time for this but it gives you a solid model to attempt. Drawing for 5 hours is much better than 1-2 and you'll see improvements quicker which will then impact your confidence too.


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